redo: “Enemy of the people”

Lately there’ve been commenters who’ve blasted some of us, Columbia news, views & reviews and another Columbia chronicler, Cole Umber, for negative writing. One of Cole’s commenters wants him to “take down the post.”

Mark Twain said this: “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”

Neither Cole Umber, Columbia news, views & reviews or any other media outlet makes the news. The medium just decides what will be the record of what happened, what’s happening and what’s going to happen. To deliver only “positive news” guarantees only that citizens will not know about scandalous, and sometimes illegal, actions in government; major college football shower rooms; churches; politics, etc.

We are reminded of this June, 2011 Columbia news, views & reviews post:

“Last week a reader sent an email to Columbia news, views & reviews; the writer asked us to write more about the dilapidated condition and general disrepair of certain residential and commercial properties in Columbia. Specifically, the writer identified residential properties which were identified as ‘rental properties.’ This same issue was surfaced at last week’s borough council meeting by a councilor and a citizen. Each was impassioned about the appearance and condition of properties; each identified the problems of property decay and the ultimate result of allowing that to happen.

“Perhaps the more ominous foretelling of a community that refuses to recognize and accept truths came from a line in the email we received: ‘This town reminds me of the play written by Henrik Ibsen, Enemy of the People.’ We are unabashed when we tell you that we had not known of (certainly, not read) this work. But since receiving the email, we have read the play and we think the writer of the email has made a valid observation.

“So here is the essence of the play, ‘An enemy of the people.’”

Click here to read that June, 2011 post in its entirety.

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