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Quote for today… “Democrats and Republicans are two different wings on the same puppet bird of prey!  It’s time that people wake up and start focusing on the puppet-masters, instead of being lead astray by those who seek only to divide this country!” – Urban Scholar, commenter to this Harrisburg Patriot-News opinion column: “The mirror might be the first place to look for an explanation of America’s political polarization.”

18 invitations

  • Welcome to “our town!” The Lancaster County Economic Development Company’s Website features a page listing all of the townships and boroughs in the county to show investors, developers and interested parties places they may want to visit to consider as a likely venue for their project. It is a competitive world and the first impression many out-of-towners will get will be from the Website. The Website is the modern-day brochure and information packet. It ought to be attractive, up-to-date, interesting to look at, transparent and complete. Take a look at Lancaster County’s “municipal invitations” here.

drug testing



  • Just do away with commencement speeches!New graduates are questioning why the president of the Quakertown Community School Board used Wednesday’s graduation ceremony as a political forum to air his views on topics such as climate change and abortion.” – The Intelligencer, Doylestown, PA






  1. nice new truck route for west bound Rt. 30 Traffic, but what about trucks that are east bound getting off at Columbia, so they still just cut through town ?

  2. take a hard look at the plan on your picture – someone needs to tell them quick that they forgot the ramp for the east bound exit !!

  3. Eastbound would stay right on the new road and connect with the existing east on-ramp. Those going west would go onto the new overpass, across the interstection at the new light and go onto the existing westbound ramp. Look closer, there are two lanes on that new addition.

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