“and the big fish eats another smaller fish”

big fish

Appears we can pretty much count on big banks, hospitals and other companies to continue the M&A (merger and acquisition) trend. Today, the news is that local bank, Susquehanna Bankshares has been eaten by BB&T.

And another bunch of big guys at the top will profit handsomely; wonder whether those who do the work in local branches will fare anywhere as well in the aftermath? We always hear the standard, news release tripe: “We anticipate no changes in personnel and staffing as we yadda – yadda – yadda.” or ” BB&T plans to continue Susquehanna’s tradition of commitment and service to its communities by creating a $10 million economic development fund to ensure ongoing support of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania community.”

BB&T has an impressive track record.

“However, time and again, executives face major stumbling blocks after the deal is consummated. Cultural clashes and turf wars can prevent post-integration plans from being properly executed.”

Susquehanna Bank has a branch in downtown Columbia, and “Susquehanna is excited to announce that we plan to join the BB&T family.

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