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Quote for today “‘The fact that Tom Tillett is delivering messages from Williams is what disturbs me. I believe Tillett is making calls on behalf of Williams” – Williams pipeline opponent, Brenda Sieglitzch commenting on the absolute arrogance of US Representative Joe Pitts’ legislative aide in this Lancaster Online article: Calls, e-mails made by U.S. Rep. Pitts’ aide to pipeline opponents after election anger some.”

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  • A former clerk for a York City district judge stole$1,221.96 in county money from his office, apparently to pay her son’s medical bills,” reports The York Dispatch.
  • It is stories like this that should stick out in the mind of the public. While all cops are not bad, some are. Trusting police to ALWAYS tell the truth and to uphold their oath is just blind ignorance.” – Comment following this WGAL-TV8 story about a Derry Township police officer arrested for allegedly stealing drugs from the police evidence room.
  • The editorial in LNP – Always Lancaster today warns, “Don’t get taken when you decide to give” and contains prudent advice for those who decide to make contributions to “charitable” organizations. The opinion reminds readers: “If you want to give to organizations that are less familiar, do a little research.” Columbia news, views & reviews  has been exhorting its readers to check out any organization which asks for money and claims “not-for-profit status.” We are reminded of President Reagan’s “Trust but verify” admonition. Just because someone tells you the entity is a charitable entity doesn’t mean it has filed and received the required documentation. And find out how the entity uses the money.


  1. Columbia news, views & reviews wrote this following the December borough council meeting: “Don’t plan on renting the Trail Services Building for your event just yet. The list of borough fees does show a facility use fee for the pavilion at River Park, but the facility use form and the facility use charges for the newly dedicated structure in the park are going to be handled separately.”

    So, Casper, while the borough used the Trail Services Building for the Columbia Borough Christmas party last Friday, the assumption must be that there were no charges assessed for that purpose.

    Kind of like a “waiver of dumpster fees” that seems to be in vogue lately.

  2. oh my goodness, what is the problem? There have been multiple inquiries about interest in renting the Trail Services building. It could become a revenue stream for the borough. Such a beautiful addition to our town. Are we to keep waiting for someone to draw up a rental agreement and establish a rental fee, they building could be in use. Tell me there is a committee actively working on this process. Who would the general public and readers of your daily postings speak to about this much needed resolution?

    • Come to the council meeting tonight beginning at 6:00 pm.

      I’m guessing the property committee has this responsibility: “The Committee on Public Property shall, in conjunction with the Borough Manager, care for and supervise all public buildings and real estate and, subject to the rights of lessees and duties of the committees on Public Safety and Markets, shall manage and control the same; shall keep a record of all insurance in force on public buildings and shall report to Council in advance all policies about to expire; shall permit no person, corporation or association to become or remain a tenant of Borough property unless a proper and adequate lease is executed; shall attend to all duties which may properly be referred to such Committee by Council and shall comply with and enforce the requirements of all laws and ordinances relating to public property.”

  3. as Gomer Pyle would exclaim, “gollyeee”, From your findings and write ups of borough council meetings, why would residents want to attend such a ruckus? Is there any cooperation among the leaders of this borough? Police cars without documentation for dispatching and maintenance records .and expenses, surely you are kidding, how could you present a case for additional police vehicle without factual information to support your need?
    Questions and answers are needed, how do other police depts. in our proximity handle such concerns, perhaps an inquiry and discussion with them would be in order, do they maintain records for dispatching, maintenance schedules and expenses, etc. It sounds as if Columbia doesn’t operate under best practices but given a benefit of doubt comparisons are needed..
    Read about damage to backboard at Makle Park, what are the results of viewing security camera and was there a discussion regarding rental fees for River Park bld?

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