today’s news … Saturday, October 17, 2015

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … FREEZE WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 3 AM TO 9 AM EDT SUNDAY – National Weather Service

pottery workshopThe Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts sent this item for publication: “Looking for a cool event next Wednesday, October 21? Consider, Make a Face Pottery Workshop with Maureen Joyce. Maureen will show you how to sculpt a face on a handmade piece of pottery. The art center will bisque and glaze fire. Pick-up is two weeks after the event. Sign-up: go to the SCCA website:; look under classes and find Make a Face for October 21 and sign-up thru Eventbrite.”

  • When the entrenched elected public servants keep getting fed cash from the ultra rich and the corporations, do you think government will get better? Former Lancaster mayor, Art Morris, hits the soft spot in his column at Lancaster Online: “In addition to this act being so financially injurious to cancer patients and other patients, it is very lucrative to sectors of the health care industry from which Pitts’ campaign committee received so much money.”
  • A possible solution? Vote out every sitting elected public servant … this year and next year. Masses of plebeian voters can defeat masses of patrician cash.
  • Sad, really sad! One of the reasons for the problems is evidenced by this quote an elected public servant: “One of the great things about Lancaster County is usually the outcome [of elections] is not in doubt.” – Lancaster Online

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