hard to imagine this life in a modern, civilized nation

Last Tuesday evening, while talking with friends in West Lawn, PA about the changes in gas prices around here, we actually saw the gas price on the marqee jump by 10 cents a gallon. That’s nothing, though, compared to the volatility and uncertainty in Venezuela.

“A gallon of white paint cost almost 6,000 bolívars on a recent Tuesday. At the same store on the following Friday, it cost more than 12,000 bolívars.”

venezuela Employees at a grocery store in Caracas attended last month to shoppers who had waited three hours for the store to open to buy hard-to-find cooking oil, corn flour, sugar and toilet paper. Credit Meridith Kohut for The New York Times

Read this New York Times article, “Few in Venezuela Want Bolívars, but No One Can Spare a Dime,” to find out that lives can and do change very quickly.

This article, too, from boingboing tells more: “Venezuela: ‘After being promised paradise we are living in a nightmare.’

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