“scenes seen” on the way to the trail and on the trail

When the Northwest Trail finally connects to Columbia and Columbia’s River Park, trail users will be treated to a different set of scenes. This part becomes a scattering of rust, railroads, rocks and reminders of the gritty reality of a river town. While Columbia’s future may have quiche, truffles, art and finery, this part of the trail will remind of Columbia’s hardscrabble, working-class roots deeply entrenched in commerce and manufacturing.

It could be considered “Industrial tourism, which is a type of tourism which involves visits to operational companies and industrial heritage; it offers visitors an experience with regard to products, production processes, applications, and historical backgrounds.”

Be sure to read comments, including this one, at the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail Website:

“The beautiful new trail center in Columbia is gorgeous, but without a proper trail and signage to connect to it, I have to wonder how many bikers will be visiting. I have an inquiry into the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage area, who I believe organizes the trail, to find out the status of signage/construction on the lower portion of the trail.”

4Here’s where the cable connects … that cable that is tacked to The Bridge and goes all the way across to the other side.

25the sign to the trail

27not this way …

dbut this way

stop reallybe careful, though – there’s a vehicular stop sign – but nobody did.

7along the trail

35camouflaged speed limit sign








endnearing the end of the trail … so far


foundfound while walking



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