Show your support for local small businesses in and around Columbia, click here (or on the SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY logo below) and enter 17512 IN THE ZIP CODE box to find a not-altogether-comprehensive listing of enrolled participating merchants.


Wiki-Pedia’s take on Small Business Saturday!

American Express cuts back on perk for Small Business Saturday

… and this guy says, “That’s because Small Business Saturday is nothing more than a PR stunt for big businesses.”

One comment

  1. Yes, support small businesses! If you want to build the economy of your local community, it is important to purchase from local businesses, not big box stores, such as Walmart. That also includes not buying from Amazon and others online.

    If you buy online, 100% of every dollar you spend leaves your community. Buying form big box stores is nearly as bad, since about 90% of every dollar you spend at such places permanently leaves your community. When you buy from local businesses, at least 45 – 50% remains in your local economy, since the owners live in your community.

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