“Shaking your head” time

Really! Some justice.


“Don’t you just love our judicial system? I’m sure this white guy is very sorry and won’t try anything like this again for at least 3 months,.” says a commenter following the article at PennLive.

It’s the article about the “former president of a state employee union” who stole $67,000 from his own union members.

And the judicial system orders him to pay it back at $400 a month … rather than go to jail! Starting to look like stealing from the folks you work with, pray with and play with is a good way to get money … and no jail time.


Where are the fish in The River?

We’ve killed their environment and them too – Read this article, too.PennLive

fordhamThe folks at Fordham University are shaking their heads!

As their coach skips town to come to Penn State.


Incredible as it seems … there’s still no budget

While Columbia’s councillors accepted its budget last night, in Harrisburg, that dysfunctional body of elected public servants continues to fumble about. This is a well-written piece at PennLive telling us more about why that is. This commenter to that article says, “The problem is that neither party is working for the good of the people who elected them. They are working for the system (political party) that elected them.”

First you say you will – then you won’t … What the heck, KU?


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