today’s news … Thursday, December 16, 2015

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … “Our legislators, in light of their frantic dysfunction, also conjure up a vision of the Dutch Boy of legend, except that their thumbs are firmly inserted in an anatomical location far removed from a dike in the Netherlands.” – from a letter-to-the-editor composed by Jeffrey W. Fasnacht in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

  • At Monday night’s council meeting, councillor Mary Barninger reminded everyone to be especially careful about fire safety during the holiday season. The US Fire Administration message below identifies some areas of vigilance – make your holiday a safe, happy one.

holiday fires

  • A lucid column, too, appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: Berry Friesen writes, “GOP was better when it resisted foreign wars.”
  • What’s this? Another day with loads of MUNICIPAL BRIEFS AND SCHOOL BRIEFS listed at the online version of LNP – Always Lancasterand none from Columbia!
  • More poop about poop – “Sewage enforcement officer—An official of the local agency who reviews permit applications and sewage facilities planning modules and issues permits as authorized by the act and conducts the investigations and inspections that are necessary to implement the act and regulations thereunder.”
    A permit is required for every new septic system that is installed and for any repairs or modifications of an existing system. Any existing system that fails is required to obtain a repair permit before system repairs may be completed. On-site inspections are designed to identify problems at an early stage and typically can result in repairs prior to the onset of noticeable problems.

  • STANDARDS FOR ONLOT SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITIES | “A structure may not be occupied before the sewage system is finally inspected, approved and covered. Except when the sewage enforcement officer requires a change to the installation schedule because of weather and soil conditions, the permit may be modified with conditions to be established by the local agency to allow use of a septic tank as a temporary holding tank. In these instances, § §  71.61 and 71.63(b)(1) and (2), (c)(1) and (2), 73.61 and 73.62(b) do not apply. Absorption areas shall be covered by the permittee within 5-calendar days after final inspection and approval to prevent damage.” – Pennsylvania Code
  • The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537 of 1966, as amended) requires local agencies (local municipalities, group of municipalities or County Health Department) to administer a permitting program for the installation of onlot sewage disposal systems. The purpose of this permitting program is to ensure uniform standards of system design and installation and thus prevent outbreaks of environmental and public health problems from substandard or malfunctioning onlot systems.” – Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

scared yetWe are … read the FOX 43 report about these warriors?

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