today’s news … Monday, December 21, 2015

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today And the winner is – Miss Information.” – Twitter user’s tweet following Steve Harvey’s goof in this BBC article about the Miss Universe crowning.

Customer service feedback form with green tick on Excellent.

  • First class Customer Service shout out for Galen Thomas and the team at the Sprint Store – at the Shops at Prospect, also known as Radio Shack. Earlier this year, “Sprint started opening 1,435 co-branded Sprint-RadioShack stores across the U.S.” Jason employed his significant technical expertise, confident demeanor and poise to fix a nagging mobile phone for us in short order yesterday. His acumen and willingness to talk with us about a possible phone upgrade set the bar for excellence in Customer Service.
  • The exact time for the Winter Solstice – this evening at 11:49
  • Tough to get accurate information | for instance, this property is for sale at $389,900. The listing states it’s got a septic system and the taxes are shown at $2,482. Curiously, the county property listing for the property shows it’s hooked-up to a Public Sewer System.


most expensivethe most expensive property in the neighborhood.

  • Another property at 122 N 4th St, Columbia, PA 17512 is listed at for sale for $119,900 and the taxes for that property are listed as $3,738. So the taxes are 50% higher than the property that’s for sale at over three times the price in the same town. How does that work?

powerballgot your tickets for Wednesday’s drawing?

  • Is it vitriol or private sector leader arrogance or “I’m in charge and you’re not?” | “Actually struggling towns in lancaster county like Columbia would be one of the biggest beneficiaries. Ackerman is dead btw” – a comment following this Philadelphia Magazine article, “No, Tom Wolf Can’t Govern Pennsylvania.”
  • Misdirection – Joe’s column in today’s LNP – Always Online points the finger and joins the paranoia of the international terror threat. There’s a rush to judgement that all the acts of “terror” and mass-casualty incidents are internationally based. Remember the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007? Remember the University of Texas shootings in 1966? These and others were cases of unspeakable tragedy caused by “domestic terrorists.”
  • The REPORT TO THE PRESIDENT ON ISSUES RAISED BY THE VIRGINIA TECH TRAGEDY said this: “There was universal recognition that the issues are complex and that they represent critical, sensitive, and long-standing societal questions of balancing individual liberty and privacy with safety and security. All agreed that in a country of more than 300 million people, it is impossible to eliminate all risks. We can not maintain a free and open society and eliminate the possibility that violence in schools, offices, or malls will happen again. The focus of the meetings, therefore, was on how to minimize appropriately the possibility that these situations may occur in the future.”


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  1. Regarding the taxes on the property listed for sale at 389,900. According to the Lancaster County Tax Assessment Office, the riverfront cottages are considered to be “second homes” and therefore assessed lower. I am actively in the process of challenging this.

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