Monday night’s council meeting – January 11, 2016

The first regularly scheduled council meeting of the new year was called to order by newly elected council president, Kelly Murphy at 7:07 pm at the borough hall council chambers before an assembly of fewer than 10 citizens and two students from Our Lady of the Angels School.

Here is the agenda for the meeting.

page one

page two

page two

Council president Murphy verbally added an agenda item, Item 14.  b. “Consider acceptance of Route 441 turnback upon receipt from PennDOT pending the solicitor’s review and approval.”

olaMayor Leo Lutz recognized Catholic Schools Week by presenting a proclamation to representatives from Our Lady of the Angels School; shown above (from left) are Michele Detz, faculty member and the president and vice president of the Student Council.



The councillors glided through the agenda items and the council president announced that the council meetings-of-the-whole would be discontinued and the separate committee meetings would be reinstated. The committee chairpersons and the dates and meeting times for the separate committees will be posted on the Borough Website.

The announcement for a Columbia Crossing Building Manager is posted at the Borough Website:

The Susquehanna Heritage is accepting applications for Manager at Columbia Crossing Building – Full time position

Job Description: Columbia Crossing Manager

The announcement is also posted at the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Website.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 pm.

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