Here it is …

snow fall

It’s arrived; started last night just before seven and the kazillions of snowflakes have brought the feared “snowmageddon” revered by the storm trooper fearmongers and their doppler devices.

So what to do?

Hunker down … enjoy the solitude and count your blessing if you’ve got food, shelter, electricity, a book and some friends and neighbors.


Hinkle’s will be CLOSED ALL DAY TODAY (Saturday, January 23rd) due to the snow. Stay safe & stay home.

FOX43-TV has a special COLUMBIA REPORT – probably for updates on the new 441 bypass project

No mail today

With the threat of heavy snow in the forecast this weekend, keep the numbers below handy in the event you lose power.

PPL Electric Utilities:


Keep in mind that 9-1-1 is NOT the number to call to report an outage! – FOX-43-TV

Lancaster Online’s listing

WGAL’s listing – though it says SCHOOL CLOSINGS, other events are listed

Columbia Police Department Facebook page

Columbia’s snow emergency plan

Ephrata has a Snow and Ice Plan

Mount Joy’s got their plan posted too

page one

In  case your daily paper didn’t get delivered today, here’s page one Lancaster Online


  1. NO MAIL TODAY – What happened to that old adage “Neither rain, snow, sleet, etc., will keep the postman from delivering the mail?”

  2. Thanks, Brian, I really like Dr. Charles W. Eliot’s quote. Of course I would not expect the postal carriers to deliver in what seems to have amounted to 31.5 inches of snow in the York, PA, area. After all, I didn’t even venture out until yesterday, when it took a long time to shovel out my car. I’m no longer snowbound!

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