Today’s news … February 12, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today  “That’s just categorically unfair. Because no one in this room except a handful have ever sat down and talked to me about it.” – Beleagured head of the Manheim Township School District school board, defending his position that it’s OK to violate the Sundhine Law, but people should talk to him.

bwaahBwa-a-a-h, that’s unfair!

  • Really, does it really matter that “elected public servants” don’t abide by the law?

Another quote for today … “Whoever taped that board meeting violated eight people’s rights and they threw a bomb in that board room where the board members don’t trust each other now ’cause they don’t know who taped it, and you haven’t been in that situation.” – Caustic, arrogant statement from the same school board chief blasting the audaciousness of challenging him for breaking the law. – Pennlive

  • Gee … there are taxes on phone bills … but “Congress voted Thursday to permanently bar state and local governments from taxing access to the Internet, as lawmakers leapt at an election-year chance to demonstrate their opposition to imposing levies on online service.” And to pay back the few Internet providers who contribute mega-bucks to the “re-election funds of these elected public servants.” Think Comcast, Time Warner, etc., we suspect.

tax noticeRemember to sign in at the Borough Website to receive email notices as the one above.


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