It takes a village of first responders

When something like this happens:

When all the components are present – “one of those sad cases where speed, weather and traffic volume combined”mass-casualties as this can happen. – Pennlive

A lot of first responders have to be part of the response.

According to the Lebanon Daily News, “the fire departments and ambulance companies who responded to the crash were:

  • Fredericksburg Fire Company
  • First Aid and Safety Patrol
  • Bunker Hill Fire Company
  • Jonestown Perseverance Fire Company
  • Ono Fire Company
  • Lebanon County Hazardous Materials Team
  • Lebanon County Communications Mobile Command Unit
  • Lickdale Fire Company
  • Mount Zion Fire Company
  • Annville-Cleona Fire Company
  • Fort Indiantown Gap Fire Company
  • Bethel Ambulance – Berks County
  • Life Lion Ambulance
  • Life Lion Aeromedical
  • Schaefferstown EMS
  • Myerstown First Aid Unit
  • Keystone Hook and Ladder (Myerstown)
  • Neversink Fire Company
  • Bellegrove Fire Company
  • Salvation Army Canteen Truck
  • Schuylkill County – Pine Grove Ambulance
  • Dauphin County – South Central EMS
  • Jonestown Pennsylvania State Police
  • Lancaster County – North West EMS
  • York County – STAT MEDEVAC 13 Aeromedical
  • DB Fisher Bus Company – Busses for transport to rewarming station
  • Berks County – Canteen 9
  • American Red Cross
  • Lebanon County Emergency Operations Center
  • Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Operations Center (see the PEMA news release.)
  • Schuylkill County – Life Flight 5″

The Pennsylvania State Police and, no doubt, there were tow truck operators, good Samaritans, rubber-neckers, “opportunists”, media, citizens and many, many more.

Yet, just a few days after the incident, “Unless you were looking, you might not have noticed the all the broken bits of red and orange plastic and silver glass that littered the median.” – Pennlive

And now, it’s the arduous challenge to find out the root cause of the incident … because every incident has to have an after-action report and that will have to gather and document as much information as possible.

There’s also be others coming to the incident … lawyers!

NOTE: The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) has improved dramatically since the debacle – the 2007 Valentine’s Day Blizzard.

Pennsylvania’s botched response to the storm was revealed in the “Independent Report on the Mid-February 2007 Winter Storm Response for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

The Independent Report (after-action report) identified a host of failings including: lack of communication among agencies; failure to implement the Incident Management System; failure to notify; failure to notify, etc.

Interestingly, the $75,000 report was prepared by “James Lee Witt Associates.” Remember that name, James Lee Witt? Witt is a former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency – “often credited with raising the agency’s level of professionalism and ability to respond to disasters.” – WikiPedia

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