“Is lead in water a problem beyond Flint? We don’t do the testing to find out” – The Conversation

by Tammy Chang, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, University of Michigan and Nicole Gergen, Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Michigan

“The unfolding story in Flint has left people across the country wondering if lead poisoning is a problem in their own community. As primary care doctors, we wanted to understand how widespread lead poisoning is in America. What we learned was surprising. It’s very hard – if not impossible – to find out how widespread this problem is in the United States today.” – SOPURCE: The Conversation

Lead in Drinking Water

This Penn State Extension post, Lead in Drinking Water, is intended to assist to “find answers to common questions about lead in drinking water, learn how to determine if your drinking water contains too much lead, and discover ways to reduce lead in your water.”

We can follow the trail further by looking to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Webpage: Lead in Drinking Water.

Community water systems must mail or otherwise deliver a copy of a water quality report (Consumer Confidence Report) to each customer.”

The Columbia Water Company’s Website lists “our annual Water Reports for the Columbia and Marietta divisions” here.


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