… and this is what happens when people do not vote … or don’t know who they’re voting for.

The article at the bottom of page one of today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is indicative of what happens when elected public servants who’ve not taken the time and effort to substantiate what they say before they say it.

Another Manheim Township school board member now wants to have the district’s legal notices published in “a newspaper that “better represents the community” because LNP – Always Lancaster outed the dumass and illegal actions of members of the board.


Clearly, this bozo action violates state law. Columbia news, views and reviews has commented on transparency and the current state law on legal advertising often; here’s one instance.

In a democratic state, with a rule of law, laws can be changed … in a systematic manner.

It the autocratic state, envisioned by some on the Manheim Township School Board, laws are openly violated … much as is done in those kinds of states seen across the globe: Russia; Syria; Libya, etc.

When some of the members of any school board want to shield their actions from the citizens they are elected to represent, they break the laws and thy need to be punished accordingly or replaced.

Elected public servants … follow the existing laws or work through the system to change them … to serve the interests of the citizens you represent … not to deprive them to serve your interests.

There are countries in which you can do as you want – go there!!! 

Oh, year, elected public servants, here is the state law on LEGAL NOTICES and a definition of “a publication of general circulation” which states:

“Legal advertisement.” A notice, advertisement, publication, statement, or abstract of a notice, advertisement, publication, or statement, required by resolution of a corporation, unincorporated association, or government unit, or ordinance of a political subdivision, or by law, or by rule, order, or decree of court, to be published, for a valuable consideration, in either a newspaper of general circulation, a legal newspaper or an official newspaper.


“Circulation.” The number of copies printed, issued, sold, or subscribed for, by the day, week, month, or year, at a particular price for each copy, or for a series of issues over a definite period by any publication, but the term does not include copies exchanged for other publications or copies or issues circulated gratuitously.


“Newspaper of general circulation.” A newspaper issued daily, or not less than once a week, intended for general distribution and circulation, and sold at fixed prices per copy per week, per month, or per annum, to subscribers and readers without regard to business, trade, profession or class.

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