Today’s news … March 29, 2016

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today… “Republicans and Democrats alike neglected ‘the people who truly make our country work — the truck drivers, farmers, welders, hospitality workers.’” – extract from this New York Times article, “How the G.O.P. elite lost its voters to Donald Trump.”


  • Fantasy-land! | One of the wild-haired claims from the hastily-called meeting in 2014:”The borough and the school district will recognize very significant tax revenues and the borough will benefit with the 300 ‘well paid’ and ‘college-educated’ workforce that will occupy the call center.” – Columbia news, views & reviews
  • Real-world | “The call center, which opened Friday, employs 130 people.” – Lancaster Online
  • Any news at the CEDC Website? Nope, no changes there. Surely, we thought the Council’s largess might bring some updates or positive news.


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