Let the sunshine in


In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, everyone who reads the “hold-it-in-your hands” newspaper will read about the impending lifting of the shroud of non-transparency in Columbia’s governance.


No doubt, the article will be available online in a few hours, but now it’s in the newspaper. [NOTE: The article is now posted at Lancaster Online.]

Despite the reports, and editorial comments, made over the past several years by online chroniclers as Columbia news, views & reviews and Columbia Spy, when a larger media outlet with greater resources begins to ask questions, there evidently will be changes.

Columbia’s residents and those who may come to Columbia to do business, visit, shop, play and, maybe decide to relocate, will be served well with full transparency.

You have to read the article in its entirety; go buy the newspaper now. Or wait a while to read it online at Lancaster Online … or maybe with a redirection link here.

All non-profit entities and government entities in this borough and in this nation have responsibility to be transparent with the people from whom they take money. If they want to be non-transparent, give up the non-profit status and operate in the spectrum of “private sector.” Benefit from the damnable “Citizens United “

Withholding information from those served might be interpreted as an a form of bullying, or a “paranoid personality disorder.”

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