Today’s news … Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … The establishment is behind McGinty, but the grassroots — the core of the Democratic party — is die-hard for Sestak. It will be interesting to see how much political capital Reid and others want to burn (defending a candidate who) became infamous for having an ethics committee name a rule after her.” – Vincent Galko, a consultant at the public-affairs firm Mercury LLC. – National Review

snow fallLook outside! Get the shovels ready.

  • Still time to be considered for the open borough councillor position: this is posted at the borough’s Website: “Borough Council position open – If you are a resident interested in filling this position please send a letter of interest to the Borough Manager at
  • These names are on the DRAFT Agenda for consideration, however, at Monday night’s council meeting: Lee Knouff, Joseph Nikolaus and Pam Williams.
  • The DRAFT Agenda is posted at the borough Website under the GOVERNMENT tab’s drop-down menu as Council Meeting Agendas.
  • Common sense question: Since the Borough, the School Board and other government and quasi-government entities are mandated to announce to the public certain actions via legal notices, why would they not take advantage of the nearly-free Websites they ought to have to replicate the notices there? This paid LEGAL NOTICE about the “Columbia Borough School District’s – Change of meeting dates “ could very easily be posted at the Website.


  • Quickly Googled Columbia Economic Development and this really good Website came up. We began to applaud; finally, we thought, the CEDC has improved its Website. But wait, the site refers to Columbia County, NY – the county that’s about only about six times larger than Columbia, the borough. Nah, Columbia’s CEDC’s Website remains as undynamic and unchanged as it has been.

ScanSo, someone* wants to thank Joe Pitts … for what? Did you get this in the mail this week; did you see who paid for it?

  • Thanks to Citizens United, any group is a person, evidently. But these “persons” or groups of lobbyists bring gigantic sacks of cash to the table so they’re more important persons than Sid & Sally Citizen. They get to buy outlets for their special interests. So, who would want to thank Joe Pitts at the end of his long “period of service?” Yep,  a collection of moneyed interests who “claim to educate the public and policymakers about the effects of government regulation on key factors that drive life science innovation, strong intellectual property protection, adequate reimbursement driven by market forces, unfettered collaboration with basic partners and a transparent and predictable regulatory environment and access to capitalistic concern itself with federal, state and international policy affecting the breadth of innovative life sciences including medical devices, biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics.” Still with us? Of course, the other side of the political, no less beholding to the lobbyists, translates the above this way: “We are lobbyists. We lobby. We like the broken status quo on IP issues, and less regulation is better regulation.”
  • But Joe, weren’t you elected and relected and relected and relected, ad nauseam,  to be on the side of the folks who live in the 16th Congregational District of Pennsylvania – which is geographically redesigned every couple of years, it seems to insure reelection.
  • By the way, lots of these lobbying groups are “tax exempt” – just as Sid & Sally Citizen are. Not that’s not true; Sid & Sally and you and I pay taxes. Just to review, we pay taxes and vote for the people whom the big cloaked, non-tax-paying lobbying groups pay to give them what they want no matter what Sid, Sally, you and I may want.
  • Ride off into the sunset, Joe … and Thank You … for riding off into the sunset.
  • Is it better on the other side? No. Have you noticed all the recent media support for Katie McGinty, an unsuccessful candidate for Pennsylvania’s governor slot. Katie appears to be the big money party darling.

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