“… four years probation!”

That’s it, that’s all the punishment another chunky middle aged white woman thief gets for stealing from the PTO she headed.

How come commenters get it and the judicial system doesn’t?

One comment: “And in the meantime, carboard theives are put in jail and bail is set at $100,000… http://lancasteronline.com/…/article_a4cac835-d9f8-5389…

Another: “Another slap on the wrist. It’s time these people get put in jail for these crimes. Also time to vote out these lenient judges.”



  1. Yes yes a myth you see a slap on the wrist instead of a bat to the knee. Lenient laws and judges you see have allowed this unfairness to continue to be. How to improve this condition is the question at Large, put the legislators and politicians and judges on a one-way barge

  2. This is the new mid life crisis and it is tolerated by the courts. The message it has been sending: crime does pay. One can take entrusted money, use it for personal gain, pay it back much later and skip a prison sentence. Ahhh, life in the burbs!

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