pause for consternation

It does give pause for consternation; why do some folks seeking or holding public office think they’re above everyone else?

Why do some folks who steal funds from their friends, neighbors, clubs, churches, employers think they’re above everyone else?

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! - Walter Scott

Here are three real-life cases:

  • The mess of arrogance; subterfuge; “I’m in charge and you’re not” mindset; disdain for citizens, transparency, the law and ethics in Manheim Township (and, most likely, other places!)
  • Maybe, these actions, too: “He also alleges some school board members tried to ‘secure personal gain’ from their positions, and that some used ‘inappropriate, sexist and culturally insensitive language, creating a demeaning, hostile and retaliatory climate.’”
  • The mayor of Nazareth, PA is accused of “pocketing more than $8,000 in cash garnered from games of small chance and illegal poker at the Vigilance Hose Co.’s social hall.” In venues that are flooded with cash, trusted agent theft if remarkably easy, it appears. And heck, he’s a GOBAG; he’d never do that!

Don’t they realize that the “plebians” that have been duped by the “patrician” class in this system believe they represent them? Suck it up, elected public servants, listen to the roar of the crowd then go back to counting the money from the patrician rulers.

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