“What does a state attorney general actually do? Read this before you vote in the Pennsylvania primary” – Public Source

Most former PA attorneys general have been criminal prosecutors. But the AG’s office does so much more.”

“The Pennsylvania attorney general is the state’s top lawyer. The office can bring down drug rings, investigate public corruption and it defends the state when it is sued.

“The attorney general is also a political figure, working with the governor and the Legislature to reform state drug laws, its prison system and to combat the state’s heroin epidemic.

“Most of the modern, elected Pennsylvania attorneys general have been former prosecutors — either district attorneys or U.S. Attorneys. Television ads that mention a candidate is tough on crime can reinforce the perception that the attorney general’s job is to put criminals behind bars — almost like a statewide district attorney.

“However, that view doesn’t capture the vast responsibilities of the attorney general’s office. In  addition to investigating criminal operations, the attorney general’s office looks into scams targeting seniors, violations of the state’s clean air and water laws and evaluates whether mergers break antitrust laws.

“On April 26, voters in both parties will have a choice for attorney general. Do the voters prefer a candidate with political experience or a candidate who’s been a prosecutor?”

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