Today’s news … Wednesday, April 27, 2016

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

  • That’s rich! Gotta’ love this comment from The Columbia Spy’s report: “… Bigler also accused the code department of being unprofessional … ” Kind of a pot-calling competition.

Thought we’d repost this from February 29, 2016 … just because.

This is choice?

  • The Lancaster County Board of Elections has lots of results posted here. Note the posting is current to date.
  • Interesting to see that 127,874 Lancaster Countians voted for presidential candidates in the primary. 86,696 voted as Republicans and 41,178, as Democrats. Curiously, on the two questions that non-look-alike registered voters vote, the number of votes recorded is 105,994. Assume some of the “Independent” registered voters voted, we can see this election was a “popularity contest” for the candidates in the look-alike parties.
  • “As of January 2016, there are 311,322 registered voters and 240 voting precincts in Lancaster County.” – Lancaster County Board of Elections
  • Not quite a democratic process! The US Census Bureau shows Lancaster County’s total population as 536,624. Quick calculations give the county has somewhere around 408,750 eligible voters. Yet only three out of four are registered. And of those registered, only around 41% of those voted for a “look-alike-party” candidate for president. And fewer, around 34% of all registered voters voted for at least one of the two ballot questions.
  • Career political insider will challenge glad handing “Toomey” for US Senate. Sestak finds out that if you ain’t one of the GOBAGs, you ain’t.  – Lancaster Online

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