Today’s news … Saturday, May 7, 2016

Today’s quote … But that the unequal should be given to equals, and the unlike to those who are like, is contrary to nature, and nothing which is contrary to nature is good”Aristotle

  • The Greek philosopher would be doing handsprings in current society. Inequality is the name of the game. See that the guy with the Latino name who steals $99,000 from a bank gets “15 months in federal prison” while the “66-year-old Millersville woman” – a white woman who steals $123,000 in charity funds gets only probation. – Lancaster Online
  • Can you just hear the revised lyrics “For the times they ain’t a-changin”?
  • And  … how’s this for unequal justice? WWMZ-TV reports: “A Berks County man is behind bars for allegedly stealing his neighbors’ newspapers.” Heck of thing since most newspapers are almost free for the asking.
  • A post at a local facebook site: “A few of us have been kicking around the idea of a free community First Aid-CPR class. Checking interest level. Anyone? This would be held in town in the evening hours during the week.” Curious, the Susquehanna Valley EMS Website Calendar shows a one hour “CPR Skills Session” with no narrative about location, charges, certification, etc. on May 25.

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