“Lancaster County | a changing place- 2000-2015”

a changing place

From the report:

  • “More people are choosing to rent, but there’s a shortage of affordable units.”
  • “Fire companies have merged, and EMS organizations have consolidated and shifted from volunteer to paid staff.”
  • The fastest growing age groups by growth rate were ages 55 to 64 (70%), ages 85 plus
    (63%), and ages 65 to 74 (42%). People over the age of 55 now comprise 29% of total
    population, up from 23% in 2000.”
  • “Our educational attainment lags behind other areas, our incomes are not
    keeping pace with inflation, and our poverty rate is increasing. Incidences of obesity and asthma are increasing while the percentage of people with health insurance has
    remained steady.”
  • “An estimated 11% of our population is now Hispanic/Latino, as compared with 5% in 2000.”
  • “About 9.1% of households earn less than $15,000 a year – roughly equivalent to the  wages paid by a full-time, minimum-wage job.”
  • “More people are choosing to rent.”
  • “Lancaster County has a shortage of affordable rental units.”
  • “Over half of Pennsylvania’s 2,500 municipalities have no police department – cost  being the main obstacle.”
  • “Demand for public library services has increased dramatically.”



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