eradicating dolts


Everyone wants top-flight people involved in education and government, right?

Well, maybe. Seems some of Pennsylvania’s elected public servants want to apply new rules for Pennsylvania’s teachers when it comes to layoffs.

Strange this dysfunctional legislative body wants excellence as the measure for teachers but allows incredible imperfection in their own midst. The legislature is a primary example of seniority at its worst.

And some of them want to now tie the Governor’s veto of the strange legislation to the ongoing budget stalemate.

The want to tie layoff practices to teacher evaluations.

How utterly and incredibly questionable. Yeah, there is a slew of evaluation “glittering generalities” in the “Goal: To develop educator effectiveness models that will reform the way we evaluate school professionals as well as the critical components of training and professional growth.” 

It does come down, though, to the evaluation process. Who evaluates whom.

Bottom line, the folks on the local school board hire administrators. Administrators evaluate others. What are the credentials for evaluation … almost the same non-existent ones that prevail for elected public servants. NONE!

When we eradicate incompetent, non-performing dolts in public service at the governmental levels, then we can tackle educators.

Read this column: “Facing a Budget Crisis, the Pennsylvania Legislature Makes It Easier to Fire Teachers.

And this one: “PA: Seniority Attack Continues.”

Read the comments and this article about special interests in Harrisburg’s government.

Or this article and comments on someone campaigning to be President.



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