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  • A great lesson for all governments and publicly funded entities!!! Talk with your Customers / citizens using all forms of media.
  • More good news! LNP – Always Lancaster announced in today’s “hold-it-in-your-hands- newspaper: “The Watchdog column, a popular feature in LNP dating back to 2008 but on hiatus since 2014, will begin appearing again on Sundays beginning in June. It will be written by a team of reporters. The goal is to make Lancaster County a safer, healthier and more beautiful place.”
  • Another really useful LNP – Always Lancaster column is on the first page of the Food Section in today’s newspaper – the COUPON CUTTING MOM column! Really, a special offer of three packs of Kunzler hot dogs for $3.59 at Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill markets!
  • Also in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, is an article about citizens / Customers pleading for municipal government to act on the “ongoing issues involving condemned buildings, deteriorating sidewalks and cigarette butts littering sidewalks, urged council to enforce the borough’s codes.”
  • Heritage Day Celebration – May 28, 2016, 9am – 3pm | Constitution Square – Fourth and Hellam Streets, Wrightsville | The festivities feature guided walking tours, a unique book sale, demonstrations, food, a display of local artists’ works, and more.  Call 717-252-1169 for more information. –

  • There’s a consistent theme in this Pennlive infoslide article: “Are these the 12 worst companies to work for in America?” Three of these have outlets in or around Columbia – workers cite “dissatisfaction with the company’s top management” – “poor management” and a “lack of confidence in corporate leadership.”
  • It’s always about lousy, incompetent, egocentric leadership. It was not the crew that caused the Titanic to hit the iceberg; it was lame leadership.
  • Leadership is responsible for everything the organization does or fails to do. Leadership is more than a wooden figurehead. A leader is not a position, job title, or in this case, the captain of the ship. Leadership is not about power, ego or pride. Leadership is ever-present, touching, motivating, talking, checking and removing barriers, training, preparing, breathing and moving about.” – humanresourcesblog

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