Random news … Friday, June 3, 2016

Today’s quote … “if we fired every Republican we would STILL have too many legislators in Pennsylvania.” – Comment following this NewsLanc column:Vote to eliminate the largest and best paid state legislature?”

Second quote of the day … “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.” – Mark Twain

Third quote of the day … “I believe that clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism.” – One of the statements from Walter Williams’ “The Journalist’s Creed.”

 Today’s National Doughnut Day – Pennlive tells you where you can get a free doughnut today.

rrails day


This is funny! From the The Realest People of Lancaster facebook page. I accidentally left 2 tickets to this weekends Luke Bryan concert in Hershey on my front seat last night. This morning I come out to this, and there’s 4 more … tickets laying there.”

  • Naysayers and negative Nellies abound on a string at the “What’s Happening in Columbia, PA and Area” facebook page. “We need this new place open soon we all need a good place to eat,” says one commenter. The string is about the facelift on the former Salsa’s on Route 462 on the east side of town. It’s curious how the giddiness erupted when Salsa’s started and quickly soured. Similar patterns for other eateries and businesses in recent times. Sharon Prudhomme reminds folks: “Just a tiny FYI, Prudhomme’s has been in Columbia 19 years.” Cheers for Prudhomme’s, Hinkle’s and others who’ve been consistent performers.

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