Today’s news – June 8, 2016

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.


  • Let’s call it what it is vehicular crashes are not accidents! “I will not call traffic crashes ‘accidents.’ I will educate others about why ‘crash’ is a better word.” –

Last night a crowd of perhaps 80 -90 people were in the Columbia High School auditorium for an informational panel discussion about the heroin scourge that’s everywhere in the nation. The “community conversation” is part of an ongoing drive orchestrated by the Lancaster County anti-heroin task force. York, Lebanon and other Pennsylvania counties have had task forces. Mayor Leo Lutz welcomed meeting attendees and related how the task force was begun in the county and he promised that Columbia’s resources would galvanize to confront the onslaught and to work with citizens to provide help for those addicted to the illness.

The panelists included a Lancaster County Judge, representatives from several resources providers who help persons addicted and families (T.W.Ponessa and Associates, CompassMark, Empowering for Life). Several on the panel are recovering addicts who related their personal, painful paths.

Joel Jakubowski delivered a powerful message that included poignant points that included learning to say, “NO!”

  • Heroin use is an addiction – though many do not appreciate that. Columbia news, views & reviews has posted this before – it is not a new phenomenon.
  • Perhaps the crashes on and around the Route 30 incident accounted for the seemingly low turnout of citizens. In the auditorium were resources providers that work in the area of addiction and an increased number of media sources including area TV stations. Additionally, in the lobby, several assistance resources organizations and initiatives had displays and assistance contact information.
  • As other media reports on last night’s community conversation become available, we will provide links to those reports.

at the site formerly knows as “Salsa’s”black oliveThis is from the facebook page “What’s Happening in Columbia, PA and area”

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