et cetera, etc.

Because newspapers do what they do – find out about things that happen, or don’t happen and why, we know know:

  • Some folks think they’re better than others and they can bury what happened while getting special treatment for themselves and their cronies. Think Manheim Township’s school board directors, and now a higher-up at PPL. – Lancaster Online
  • Interesting perspective of a Columbia Borough School District board director on who should have a say in the proposed sharing of resources – Interesting in a in an Arte Johnson kind of way. – LNP – Always Lancaster
  • Were it not for the Legal Notices in the daily newspaper, how would citizens know about the license and certification revocations of people who engage in illegal, illicit, or unprofessional conduct?
  • At Monday’s council meeting, Columbia’s solicitor informed everyone that the case of Columbia’s challenging Club Good Times has been heard and a decision likely will come in a few months.
  • Another “trougher” proposes another dumass idea: keep guns from terrorists. Who, Senator, exactly are the terrorists? Guys like Timothy McVey? – FOX43-TV

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