Standardized testing in Pennsylvania’s schools | what’s the story?

Admittedly, our understanding of standardized testing in schools is not as thorough as it might be. We found information about standardized testing after watching a youtube video.

standardized testPhoto is from this article at The Atlantic: “What Happens When Students Boycott a Standardized Test?”

The pablum being fed to American parents might bear some closer scrutiny.

Unfortunately, we don’t subscribe to HBO so we don’t get to watch “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” – a show with biting humor, Anglo-Saxon invectives and incredibly,  truth.

A year ago, John Oliver’s piece on the company that sells the concept of “standardized testing” to “elected public servants” who then squeeze education systems to force it on parents and students … all the while making barrels of cash.

Follow this trail of published articles about the standardized testing in this country. The trail begins with Oliver’s observations:

opt out

opt out logoClick on the logo above to learn more about a local initiative: Lancaster County Opt-Out

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