Yeah, right! Love this quote from a Municipal Brief in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. It’s not a Municipal Brief about Columbia; rather Manheim Township: “‘The change has nothing to do with the recent situation involving the Manheim Township School Board. And it’s not about saving money. The costs are about the same. We just decided it’s time for a change.’ — Commissioner Sam Mecum in a phone interview after the meeting about the change in solicitor.”

Why does it seem that way-to-many “elected public servants” want to pee on your boots as they hand you an umbrella and tell you it’s raining?


Will your balls be picked?quarter of a billion

An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster – Really, the vice president doesn’t become the school board president?

Wonder what that charter or protocol looks like?

stepping down

This photo appears in a post at theWhat’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area facebook page. The photo taken by Jim R. Haag. The post states: “I see Kleen-Rite is really going big across from Donegal High School”

A commenter writes: ” I heard they wanted to expand and stay in Columbia but the town wouldn’t let them.



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