ever wonder?

Do you wonder whether the Johnnie or Jennie-come-lately person representing you in an elected public office has been a participant in the democratic process or whether they’ve just seen the light quite recently? Maybe to clamor for or push a separate agenda? Or does this person really have an genuine interest in the ideals of the represented democratic principles, e.g., “Representative democracy (also indirect democracy, representative republic, or psephocracy) is a variety of democracy founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people, as opposed to direct democracy.”

“Some people believe that one drawback of representative democracy is that the representatives might not properly serve the people whom they are supposed to represent.” – WiseGeek

did they voteYou can find that information at this website (https://www.pavoterservices.state.pa.us/Pages/VoterRegistrationStatus.aspx?lancoNav=%7c) or by clicking on the graphic above.



  1. To me that is and should be the purpose of council’s candidate interviews. To ask those questions which draw out the true purpose if candidates for consideration. To serve the whole or to serve certain interests.

  2. Your reporting on political views continue to be slanted toward views that you support
    Have you heard about factual and unbiased journalism. Mayor Giuliani’s talk was right on target discredited by only those in support of the continued in efficiencies in life brought forth by the Obama Administration. Mrs Trump’s speech was well deliveted, only those of an awarked mind set would attempt to align it with Michelle Obama’s prejudiced statements. Daily News Bin is a racially biased reporting media. Your challenge should be to bring both sides of an argument 2 the reporting media. Your buyers continues to show by those things that you choose to publish in your daily news briefs

  3. Admittedly, our views are slanted: we are not fond of self-serving, polarized extremists on either side. The fanciful, card-stacking, name-calling “glittering generalities” spewed and fed to American citizens is BS. Just wait, Casper, the other convention will generate some of the identical crapola.

    We never mentioned the speech by either (current or potential) first lady; just the “rambling, maniacal, nonsense-spewing” of one person.

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