If you’re on the extreme left or right, do not read this.

It’s the overwhelmingly white Mardi Gras event in Cleveland and TV satirists like John Oliver, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show, and others are reporting on the Republican National Convention as are thousands of reporters from media around the country and the world.

OpenSecrets.org, the nonprofit that tracks federal campaign contributions and lobbying by lobbying firms, individual lobbyists, industry, federal agency, and bills, has been denied credentials to attend the Republican National Convention and is airing its grievances publicly.”

Here’s an “Opinion: Ten things the media won’t tell you about the Republican convention.”

However, no matter which media source a reporter may represent, the official Republican National Convention logo cannot be used with out permission.  Seems the political party has taken a playbook page from Disney, the NFL, the NBA and the NCAA’s Final Four.

So while most people with a passing or more fervent interest will get their news from party lines sources or the major TV networks, they’ll get fed the pablum that the organizers allow. Here, though, are some biting video clips that tell a side of truth through satire.

“Roy Wood Jr. reports on the Trump campaign’s habit of restricting media access and goes through a simulator to train for possible confrontations with Trump supporters.”

“On the first day of the Republican National Convention, speakers resort to fear mongering and praising the acquittal of the cop who killed black arrestee Freddie Gray.” Yeah, there is a clip of the “rambling, maniacal, nonsense-spewing” of one person, too. Seriously, Rudy!

Slamming both the faces of the “extremes of the pendulum.” – “Many of Hillary Clinton’s past statement about the FBI investigation into her emails are proven untrue, and Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein’s approach to terrorism.” Watch Hillary mis-speak; no make that lie.


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