Big money check in with Amish PAC

amish pac

Mostly, it’s Ohio, but the political action committee, Amish PAC is buying billboard advertising in Lancaster County.

“Have you seen these Donald Trump billboards going up in Lancaster County?” Lancaster Online

Same faces hide behind different names | “Amish PAC was started by an alum of a pro-Carson super PAC, an ex-Amish donor to that super PAC and an employee of Gingrich Productions.”

When corporations are allowed this kind of speech which has “big bucks” hidden backers throwing around money to buy votes, this nation’s troubles just keep getting bigger.

Also from the Politico article, we learn: “Ben King, the onetime Carson donor, was raised Amish but has since left the fold. He still lives in Lancaster County, where he runs an Amish barn-building business. He maintains ties to the community, Walters said, and is the PAC’s emissary on the ground.”


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