Media reports abound

Lots of area traditional broadcast and print media sources were in town yesterday waiting for specifics about the uptown incident – actual details were hard to get as police took “persons of interest” under their control and released very little public information.

media vehicles

Last evening, an announcement indicated a “briefing” would be held this morning at 9:00 am.

Here a variety of broadcast and print reports as of now:

Lancaster Online: “2 in custody, charges expected after shots fired at police in Columbia”  [NOTE: The comments following the article are telling.]

columbiacaptureFOX43-TV: “Two face charges in Columbia shooting incident”

ABC27-TV: “Suspect in custody after police targeted in Pennsylvania”

ACTION News (Philly’s Channel 6): “Suspect in custody after police targeted in Pennsylvania” [NOTE: This report mentions Columbia Detective Matthew Leddy.]

CBS21-TV: “Search in Columbia comes to ‘safe resolution,’ 2 taken into custody”

WGAL-TV8: “Columbia police continue investigation into shots fired incident”

The York Daily Record: “Columbia now safe: 2 detained after reports of shooter”

Pennlive: “DA to detail Columbia shooting incident Saturday”

WITF: “UPDATE: Columbia now safe, shooting suspect detained”

The Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) Public Information Officer did provide incident information to a nervous public as specified in the National Incident Management System’s Incident Command System (ICS). In the video at The York Daily Record link above, he says the public could expect a statement from the Columbia Police Department within several hours.


Informing the public and additional audiences during an incident is an ongoing cycle is vital – According to ICS guidance in the Basic Guidance for Public Information Officers,  “Initial information should include:

  • actions the public should take;
  • impact of the incident;
  • actions the response agencies are taking;
  • actions businesses and industries should take;
  • a summary of the incident; and
  • overall steps to be taken by the government and by citizens to return to
    normal after the incident.

“Lessons learned” following incident after-action reports will recall the authoritative, calming and reassuring presence of the PIOs at the Nickle Mines tragedy and the beltway sniper incident and the Lancaster County SERT PIO’s in yesterday’s incident.


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