five things to consider today

1 - media

DA: “are presumed innocent.” First time this has been said publicly since two  Columbia men were detained and arrested a few days ago. In an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster and at a Lancaster Online “insider” post.

“The Lancaster County chapter of the NAACP will host a community meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday at Mount Zion AME, 222 South. 5th Street., Columbia, to discuss ideas for resolving tensions between citizens and police.” – from an LNP – Always Lancaster article

“National Night Out brings communities, police together amid recent violence in Columbia, Lancaster city”Lancaster Online

2 - social media

In Baltimore standoff, police take away social media “streaming”The Baltimore Sun

Déja vu all over again? – This post is from a local facebook page – posted an hour ago (around 4:30 am): “Did anyone else hear something like fire works, screeching noise followed by loud bang, being set off about 15 minutes ago (3:15 am or so)? My puppy got me up to go out, then we heard this and he started barking and carrying on. With what happened n town the other day I am hoping it was not something like that I actually heard.”

Then there’s this insolent post at another local group’s facebook page about the new dining place coming soon to Columbia: “Yes??? Lol n ooook OK I was driving past wondering who was gonna take their turn the Mexican grill shut down so fast I never got to try it. I hope I can try this black. .olive garden!!??? Is it a bar/restaurant??? What kind of food will b served sounds like a “black persons” olive garden 😂”

3- social security

Social security: two takes from Time Goes By. Republicans: “(dark, frightening and totalitarian) and their platform position on Social Security in particular (privatize it).” versus Democrats: “will fight every effort to cut, privatize, or weaken Social Security, including attempts to raise the retirement age, diminish benefits by cutting cost of living adjustments, or reducing earned benefits.”

4 - worst

Yep, it’s listed with others at this Pennlive slide show. The complete Medicare report is here. Another Pennlive article lists how patients die in nursing homes and the “piddly” slap on the wrist fines assessed.

5 - brown shirt

Watch the video at Pennlive.

One comment

  1. Regarding worst nursing homes:
    Don’t be fooled into thinking that those homes not on a “worst” list are so great. Even in the best homes one must have an advocate looking out for their best interest. There are many people working as nurses and nursing assistants that have no business doing so. Compassion cannot be taught. I worked over three decades in the same nursing facility and have been through many state inspections. At times it was as if they turned a blind eye to obvious problems. One bad employee can ruin a reputation, yet often it took too long to fire them and in some cases they were not fired. Quality cannot be totally based on state inspections or any other kind of survey. Keep a sharp eye on your loved ones and do your own spot checks at all hours.

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