three bad things

4-1- bad reviews

Despite the reviews ( read this one too), Suicide Squad opens in theaters tomorrow. And it will make money. Partly because Will Smith movies make money. Partly because of the “counter culture” portrayal (think Dirty Dozen).

suicide aquad

Mostly, though, it’ll be because of Harley Quinn. Vanity Fair says “Welcome to the Summer of Margot Robbie.”

4-2-state response

The CBS21-TV report quotes the Harrisburg nursing home spokesperson as saying, “We were pleased to have had the Department of Health’s support to get this LivingCenter back into full compliance…Our patients and residents come first, and we are honored to continue our mission to serve them.”

Somehow, it’s tough to put positive spin on “reports of maggots found in a patient’s feeding tube. A report showed 31 deficiencies at the nursing home, including pest control.”


Yeah, it really could be worse: “The Awful Truth: Trump’s Chances Are Good.”Truthout

It can get much worse when there’s organizational cover-up! Just ask the West Willow Fire Company leaders – Lancaster Online

“PA among worst states for student loan debt, study says”CBS21-TV

The idiots up on 8 th n walnut st were setting off loud fireworks last night scared me half the death Fourth of July been over n after Friday everyone nerves are fragile to begin with ppl should have more respect” a post from yesterday at “You know you’re from Columbia PA if…” facebook page

6:03 am … LNP – Always Lancaster’s online delivery of the publication is not functioning. A call to Customer Service(?) got this response: “Oh, we’ve been having problems with that.” Really, ever think about informing paying Customers about that? [NOTE: The “hold-it-in-your-hands” LNP – Always Lancaster is outside on the sidewalk, though. Doggie just went to get it.]

6:21 am … Magically, the digital issue is online.

The New York Times Suicide Squad review.

On the other side: “Three charged in Susquehanna River assault, robbery”The York Daily Record

Not sure it can be much worse than this: “Horse euthanized after alleged beating by Amish man” What the hell’s wrong with people like this?The York Daily Record

Can Pennsylvania’s governance get worse – even with a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution?  

It really cannot be worse according to this LNP – Always Lancaster / Lancaster Online letter writer.

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