Friday … thankfully!


So, while the “superintendent-sharing” Columbia Borough School District had a meeting of the whole last night, word is that neither the newly-annointed (should have been appointed or selected from the better qualified applicants) operating person nor the superintendent attended the meeting. Both attended Eastern Lancaster County’s School District’s meeting of the whole earlier this week.


Did you notice that both of the US presidential candidates are “screamers?” Each screams their way through most of their messages. And the screaming is strident – think nails on a blackboard, shivering and unpleasantly grating. Think of this on TV news for the next four years! OUCH!

Did each scream anything worthwhile? Or true?

Fact-checking Clinton’s economic policy speech. – NPR

Fact-checking Trump’s economic policy

“How American politics went insane.” The Atlantic


We kind of take a “Darwinian approach to digging in the dirt – some may call it gardening, but that involves a more serious approach. Last year, while visiting friends we saw an intriguing plant; the friends identified it as a “moonflower.” With a cutting from their plant, we planted it.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine says the “Moonflower is one of the most romantic plants you can grow in the garden. It’s a statuesque, ideal evening-garden plant bearing large trumpet-shape flowers that unfurl in the evening (or on overcast days) and stay open until the sun rises.”

Coming home last night after a bevy of meetings, we ambled ’round back of the house with doggy and, voila, the cutting we put into the ground last year had appeared (above). It made its way through the catnip bush, the gaggle of pumpkin leaves and, probably, a bunch of hidden weeds.

In case you want to know more about the moonflower, here’s a cute video from a more accomplished “digger in the dirt.”


Recall the “plantings, porches and paint” recommendation of a few years ago? Found the above array of plantings outside a Lancaster business center yesterday. The planters are magnificent.

In related news from the rehab house project, Columbia Housing Steering Committee facebook page: “BIG NEWS! Two more Saturdays, and 255 N Third could be finished and ready to go on the market!!! We just need a good group of volunteers to come out and make this a reality. Work days start at 9 AM, and last for as long as you’d like to stay.”


From the pages of the above book: “Trump: A True Story.” – The Washington Post


While not at Trump’s level (maybe?) Clinton’s not exactly poor | “Stress Over Family Finances Propelled Hillary Clinton Into Corporate World”The New York Times


It’s the official language of the elected public servant – especially during reelection time. In the campaign for the US Senate, Pat Toomey regularly touts his affinity for veterans: “As the son of a former U.S. Marine and a representative of a state with one of the largest veteran populations in the country, I am committed to helping our veterans and their families who have sacrificed to preserve our freedom.” The record shows another side, however. These folks will say anything, do anything, to get back to – or to – the Trough.

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