Part II – Today’s news … Saturday, September 17, 2016

Quote of the day … “Employees of bullying bosses have reason to be anxious, given they’re innately subordinate position. But when the aggressor is a peer, workers really need to grow a backbone.” – excerpted from this Reading Eagle column about bullying among adults.


  • Bullying examined at Lifetree Café at Emmaus Road – Lancaster | “Techniques and strategies for coping with bullies will be discussed at Lifetree Café on Tuesday, September 20 at 7:00pm. The program, titled ‘Confronting Bullies: At School, Work, and Home,’ features a filmed interview with Scott Larson. ‘You have three parties involved when it comes to bullying,’ Larson explains. ‘There are the bully, the victim, and the bystanders. Most people, as bystanders, don’t think they contribute to bullying, but that is probably the group that has the most power.’ During the program, participants will have the opportunity to tell of times they’ve faced bullying and how it impacted their lives. Admission to the 60-minute event is free. Lifetree Café is located at Emmaus Road Cafe, 1886 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA. Lifetree Café is a place where people gather for conversation about life and faith in a casual, comfortable setting. Questions about Lifetree may be directed to Lifetree Cafe – Lancaster at or 717-473-9115.”

preventing-bullying-bookYou can buy this new book at The National Academies Press or you can download it for free; click here for details.

flu-and-youClick on the graphic for more information.

  • Town Hall Meeting Set for Oct. 5 – Representative Miller’s next town hall is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the West Hempfield Township municipal building, 3401 Marietta, Ave., Lancaster. Start time is 6:30 p.m.

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