Here are more news, views & reviews items for Sunday, September 18, 2016

  • A citizen sent this to Columbia news, views & reviews: “Transgender Community – CRS Roll Call Training Video (This roll call training video, narrated by Brett Parson, features scenarios of three of the most common ways police officers encounter members of the transgender community and provides information, tools, and techniques to help ensure your interactions with them are mutually respectful and professional.”


cedc-if-onlyIf only … this is what the first part of the 300 block would look like this? If only the Columbia Economic Development Corporation’s (CEDC) Website would be updated sometime? If only the CEDC facebook page could be updated?

  • If only Columbia’s separate programs and organizations could work together? The recent contracting of Rising Tide Collaborative, LLC purports to get everyone on the same page. Celebrate Columbia says something like that: “Nothing brings people together like a well-planned party or event. There are numerous fun-filled events and community gatherings throughout the year.”
  • Rising Tide Collaborative, LLC, has been contracted to spearhead a program to provide a “scope of services to be presented by the Independent Contractor.” Those services are apt to include the fostering of coordination, collaboration, communication and consistency among the varied interests and programs that have been identified previously as master plans, strategic plans and other grant-funded idea documents.


Sometime contributor Mary Ellen Graybill sent along these photos from the Denver Fair. The last day of the 2016 Fair was yesterday. It’s one of many fairs that make Lancaster County  a fun place to be in the fall – lots of “fair food” including steaks, shakes, fried pickles, candy apples, gyros, ice cream, pumpkin funnel cakes, french fries and so much more.




Yesterday’s events included:


  • 9 am – Pet Show (sponsored by Cocalico Cat & Gingham Dog Animal Hospital)
  • 10 am – Baby Parade (sponsored by Lorraine M. Korber Family & Friends)
  • 12 noon – Pedal Power Tractor Pull (sponsored by Deer Country Lawn & Garden)
  • 1 pm – 5 pm – Family Ride Special (ride all rides for 1 price or pay per ride)
  • 1 pm – Jell-O Eating Contest (sponsored by Weaver Markets)
  • 2 pm – Celebrity Hot Wings Eating Contest (sponsored by Wild Wings of Ephrata)
  • 3 pm – Corn Hole Tournament
  • 5 pm – Rabbit Hopping (in animal show tent)
  • 7:30 pm – Free Entertainment – Flamin’ Dick and the Hot Rods (main stage)
  • 9 pm – midnight – Exhibits Removed



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