and so in the first of several meetings earlier this evening …

market-manager-meeting-agendaThe Columbia Borough Council assembled in the borough hall conference room to receive proposals from three aspirants who responded to a Request For Proposals (RFP) for a independent contractor to assume the role of market house manager. All the councillors were in attendance but Fran Fitzgerald who is on vacation. This special meeting was convened at 5:00 pm and convened shortly after 6:00 pm.

candidatesAbove, top to bottom and left to right, borough councillors, the borough manager and the finance manager. One of the RFP respondents, Beth Troxell, looks to meeting attendees as several of the market house stand holders look on. Chris Vera uses the borough’s new digital screen to introduce his proposal. Renee Sears delivers here presentation.

Here’s the RFP that appeared at the Borough Website and at Lancaster Online

Accepting Requests for Proposal for Consultant Market House Manager

Market House RFP

Renee Sears, a former market house manager who served as an independent contractor – not an employee – delivered an oral presentation.

Beth Troxell, also a former market house manager who served as an independent contractor – not an employee – delivered an oral presentation. She referred to her proposal which was submitted to the Borough on August 28, 2016.

Elizabeth Ryan Troxell’s proposal (click on the graphic below or here to download the two-page proposal as a .pdf.]


Chris Vera is the president of the Columbia Historic Preservation Society.

Chris Vera’s proposal as shown at tonight’s meeting was posted at Columbia Spy a few days ago.


The councillors will consider the RFP responses and will announce their decision at a future meeting date that will be announced. Council may accept one of the proposals or none. In none are accepted, the RFP will be reissued.

The market house stand holders agreed when a spokesperson asked for “consistency”  from whomever the borough councillors select.


  1. We had to wait on Ms. Troxell to come inside for her interview. What was that about?

    Thanks to Steph Weisser for asking what her reason was for quitting as market manager last spring.

    Personally, I felt that her answer was lame.

    Quit when things don’t go your way. Make others wait on you. Take precious few minutes from other candidates.

    • Exactly, rather rude to make a roomful of people wait on her. She should have been pushed to last at that point. She was not in the room, council should have moved on to Mr. Vera’s presentation. They enjoy playing hardball with everyone else, they can do it with her too.

  2. Ms. Troxell had her chance and she quit, without notice and without a public explanation. She needs to step aside and give someone else a chance. Even if it is not Mr. Vera or Mrs. Sears, she needs to leave it alone.

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