Today’s news … Thursday, October 6, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … Had it been a couple of Lancaster city kids, they would still be sitting in jail as we speak!!! – Comment (about disparate “justice” following this Lancaster Online article about the three thrill-seeking dumass turtle terrorists from Manheim.


  • New Holland’s police department is having “Coffee with a cop!” | “Coffee with a Cop brings police officers and the community members they serve together–over coffee–to discuss issues and learn more about each other.”
  • A LEGAL NOTICE from the Ephrata School District is soliciting Requests For Proposals (RFP) for legal services. The RFP is posted at the school district’s Website; it shows the “scope of work services” in a clear, concise format. It’s a good model to emulate for an RFP.

terrorism-yeah-rightAnother dumass “qoute” – exactly, how, whomever wrote the headline, is he going to do that?

Terrorism is as old as history and almost certainly older. Just as certainly, there seems to be no singular way to defeat “terrorist” groups as ISIS (“ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and is an extremist militant group that rules by Wahhabi/Salafi law. In Arabic, the group is also known as Daesh.”)

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” And a google search for “how to defeat terrorism generated “about 9,690,000 results.” So it’s unlikely that either of the “increasingly look-alike candidates” (or their woeful veep choices) have a “once and for all” solution.

  • “violence, including terrorism by a state or occupied population, rarely stops further violence as long as the grievances motivating them are not addressed.” – “10 Things to Know About Terrorism”

ballotIt’s continuing to look like a “check every block” or “check no block” ballot year! It is a no-choice, no-win election situation for the presidency and the state senate.

Last evening, as we responded to a knock on the front door, a pleasant young woman greeted us with an election pitch. She represented Fair Share Action. In 2015, “Clinton told a cheering crowd at her largest rally so far that ‘the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money’ must be stopped. Two weeks later, the main super PAC backing her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination accepted a $1 million contribution that cannot be traced.”

That super PAC was Fair Share Action. Google says, “Fair Share Action is an American super PAC that seeks to elect Democratic candidates to political office. … The super PAC is heavily funded by Tim Gill, a computer software entrepreneur and LGBT rights activist.

  • “In 1860, The Atlantic endorsed Abraham Lincoln. In 1964, the magazine endorsed Lyndon B. Johnson. And today, for the third time in its 159-year history, The Atlantic has endorsed a candidate for president: Hillary Clinton.”

11-crochetMeanwhile, there’s a clear, apolitical agenda at the Columbia Public Library – “We have weekly programs and services for everyone!”

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