Today’s news … Monday, October 17, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … Can’t say I understand how relocating an existing institution offsets job loss unless the move is associated with additional hires. Any confirmation of this?” – Commenter questioning BB&T’s “blood money gift” (“BB&T took the money from its $10 million Economic Growth Fund, created in 2015 to offset the loss of 89 jobs in Lititz triggered by its takeover of Susquehanna Bancshares.” – Lancaster Online

  • Borough transluscency … There’s a page at the Borough’s Website for LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. One might think that those “expensive notices” that are required to be published would appear at the Borough’s Website – for FREE. Nope, this notice about the regular meeting of the newly defined Market House Advisory Committee will now meet regularly pm the “3rd Thursday of each month immediately following the 6:00pm Community Development Meeting beginning on October 20, 2016,” is in the publication of general circulation but not at the Borough’s Website page. – Lancaster Online


  • Oh, yeah … this’ll end well. When the candidates for the #1 & #2 slots in the Presidential campaign can’ t agree on the election outcome, sure it will. Pence, you’re teamed with the wrong pony. BBC News


It’s almost over – only 21 days until the insanity is over … or begins!





  1. Thought the Market House Advisory Committee was under Public Property not Community Development. Seems like the Market Trust is controlling the market house. They had 5 1/2 years to do something with market house and nothing got done. It is time for them to leave town and leave the market house alone.

    • If you were paying attention you would realize the Market Advisory Board is not the same as the Market House Trust. The Trust gave the operations of the Market House back to the borough, which required a 90 day notice. I believe those 90 days have passed

      • There was one resident position left to be filled on the new advisory board because they did not select applicant Jennifer Davis. Would that also have to be done as the others were, in a public meeting?

  2. not sure the legal notice says anything more than ” immediately following the 6:00pm Community Development Meeting” – but you may be spot on. On thing the borough folks hate to do is “surrender control.”

    Micro-management is the operating order.

    • It’s all about Cleon and Kelly spending the LASA and Municipal Authority money. I am currently working with a good friend on the investigation on the River Park land deal.

      Cleon wanted the Market House Advisory Board with Community Development because Pam Williams marionette strings broke.

      Problem is that Columbia citizens will not patronize this market as long as Trust members are involved. No consumer confidence.

      • Doesn’t sound like you trust council either. Maybe YOU should get involved so you can see first hand what is going on instead of bitching! Where’s your “TidePride”?

  3. We currently have two candidates for Council in 2017 and WILL make the Borough Council fiscally responsible and transparent. Life does not revolve around the Market House, it should revolve around the 10.000 citizens. Name one thing that has been done with this Council to improve life for the citizens? Name one action that has been taken on the Locust Street business district? Oh, I forgot Venues, my bad ( Mayor Lutz’s prize possession).

    • Some of the biggest and most beautiful buildings this town had to offer are now broken. Split into three and four unit apartments.

      The borough needs an immediate plan to not only stop this from taking even one more structure, but to reverse the damage.

      They can take trolley rides till the cows come home, we need real down to earth solutions for the greater good.

    • It SHOULD revolve around the 10,000+ residents, we agree on that. So how did the river front land that was donated to the borough end up in the hands of less than 12 Columbia families? You’ll have to ask the prior council who did not consider what was best for the 10,000+ residents.

  4. I take it your choice was to bulldoze the cottages and make it another park? The Heritage Cottage Association all pay taxes to Columbia Borough and School District. That deal was done in front of the public, not behind closed doors like the Old Columbia Public Grounds and current Columbia Borough Council made.

    • 6 council people made that vote. That decision was not made in the best interest of the 10,000+ residents. It should have gone as a question on the voting ballot because it affected everyone that lives here.

      And are all of those cottages properly assessed? Or are they valued in the 5 digits? Because river front property with a livable improvement would not be valued at anything less than $100,000! Can you say with confidence that they are all paying their fair share of tax?

  5. Thank you Jealous Vera! “Vera” (whose tag is not a true Vera from Columbia) only is thinking of the master plan of spend taxpayers money for what they want, not what Columbian’s need. It is a shame to walk downtown with no business district that can be proud. Council is only interested in the Market House and the hell with the rest.

    They will fail (not by negativity), but from the business practices they have shown while running the market into the ground for five years. Mediocre at best!

    • By the way there are 32 cottages along the river and they all pay school taxes and borough taxes and they also condo fees twice a year and they also pay insurance on their cottages and if anyone wants to buy a cottage there is one for sale and it.has been for sale for months now so now is your chance go for it.

    • I hope the market will return some day. The council and committee can talk all they want about the market, but they should concentrate on getting the taxes under control. Until that happens, it will be tough to attract investors,businesses, and new residents here.

      • Thanks 17512 for posting the property for sale. I see I was right, as I suspected it is only assessed at $31,900. That is outrageous!!! And asking $124,000?!?!?

        And an HOA of $2,000/month? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

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