A vote for Joe is a vote for “democrazy” | so too is a vote for a foul-mouthed braggart or a flat-out lying politico

So, it’s just a few hours until the next and last debate (thank goodness). We’re casting out absentee ballot tomorrow morning; maybe you are too.

Maybe you’re still deliberating; here’s another “option” you may want to consider.


The New York Post said this yesterday:

“Joe Exotic isn’t the typical candidate for president of the United States, but based on the current election, that might be his greatest asset. Unlike Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, he’s running on a platform that we know he can stick to.”

Oh, yeah … here’s his campaign video.

Long live democracy!

One choice is as much a selection for “democrazy” as another in this election! Way to go, look-alike major parties.

Your complete dysfunction opens the doors!

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