Can’t be

cant-be-pipelinesYes, they do! “Sunoco rep says 55,000 gallons of gas spills into Susquehanna River” The Daily Item

September 2016 | “Oil Pipeline On Native American Reservation In North Dakota Spills 1,000,000 Gallons of Fluid”

April 2016 | “Oil Leak From Keystone Pipeline 89 Times Worse Than Originally Thought”


YES IT DOES! – “Bishop McDevitt teacher charged with 153 counts of sexually abusing children”Pennlive


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  1. “Eminent Domain” is used by many companies, including those that wish to build leaky pipelines through private property. What the phrase means is “For the public good.” Governments often allow this, even though what is wanted by the company may not be able to prove it is for the public good.

    The owner of the property likely doesn’t want his/her land to be used but is often overruled by the government. In the state of Pennsylvania, the dollar rules. Both the legislature and the governor are in favor of fracking and, or course, want the pipelines put in to transport the product.

    The people of the state need to stand up in opposition to pipelines when they are obviously not for the public good, but just for the profit of the oil and gas companies, not to mention the companies that build the pipelines.

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