at tonight’s special meeting of the school board, citizens learned …

Board of Directors president, Kathleen Hohenadel called the advertised special meeting to order at 5:32 pm in the presence of a dozen of so citizens. School board directors Keith Combs, Leo Lutz and Cole Knighton, board president, joined the meeting via teleconferencing. The other directors were in attendance, though Iris Garrido arrived at 5:39 pm.

Superintendent Robert Hollister did not attend; the director of operations, Thomas Strickler, did. As did a representative from the attorney group representing the district.

During the citizens comments, several citizens voiced concern about football team’s lack of depth due to injuries; the situation was resulted in an abbreviated football game last week. The citizen expressed concern about the safety of the students having to play short-staffed. Board director, Janet Schwert assured those assembled that the board shared the concern and that the situation was being monitored. She said there are more players who will be on the team next year.

Following an nomination to terminate Amy E. Light, business manager, effective October 31, 2016, the board unanimously voted to terminate her employment.

Hohenadel stated that the a scope of work agreement will be forthcoming and the tasks accomplished would be covered in a temporary agreement by Eastern Lancaster County School District. The agreement is to pay not more than $11,000 for this interim completion of services.

A citizen asked about the termination and enjoined the board to explain the reason for termination to the citizens in rhe room. The attorney and Hohenadel declined to make any comment on this “personnel issue.”

The citizen continued by saying that citizens will develop their own impressions based on rumors that may be unfounded or inaccurate.

The meeting was adjourned 5:52 pm.


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