German-American Society Alpenrose announces meeting | program on early birth and baptismal certificates

The German-American Society Alpenrose of York, Pa. will hold its next meeting on Monday the 14th of November at Das Siebenthal Resort in Seven valleys, Pa. at 5:30 PM with a Pot Luck Dinner and a special guest speaker, Mr Curt Bentzel, Associate Professor ,German Chair, Department of German and Russian from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa. who will give an illustrated talk on 18th and early 19th century hand decorated Pennsylvania German birth-and baptismal certificates. Professor Bentzel will be bringing along some of his German students to meet and greet Club members who converse in German.

The club will then enjoy an evening of food and fun with the members and guests. A short business meeting will be held by the members with plans for the holiday season ahead. Stay tuned for our special Christmas events which will be advertised next month.

Membership is now open for students and adults who would like to learn more about the German culture, food, events and activities for 2017.

If you are interested please contact Ms. Barbara Ann de Leon at (717) 428-2210 or (717) 873-2634.

SOURCE: news release

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