Today’s news … Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “Weasels may look cute and cuddly;  you don’t want to get too close to these little beasts. They might have cute little faces, but weasels are also bloodthirsty.” – Weasel facts

  • So Lancaster’s mayor won’t run again; four terms is enough!
  • Anyone else cringe when some throw out the cute phrase “public-private partnerships (P3s)?” A page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster introduces a Lancaster Countian just named to the Presidential infrastructure team. The article states the man is “chairman of an Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships group at Polsinelli, a Kansas City-based law firm with more than 800 attorneys.”
  • The pitch resulted in Columbia’s councillors, in a 6-0 vote, (councillor Stephanie Weisser was absent from the meeting) approving an agreement to contract AIM Advisors to conduct a feasibility study about “adaptive reuse of the current Columbia Borough Wastewater Treatment Facility into a natural gas production facility and user endpoint facility for vehicles.” The Borough will pay $75,800 for the conduct of the study and the delivery of a report. The report may be ready as early as March 2017.


  • According to this source, “Finally for a continuous smooth sailing of the PPP phenomenon, the principles of transparency and accountability in the public sector management is paramaount.There should also be a fair and healthy room for competition and a well functioning regulation that stabilises prices, limits monopoly, regulate PPPs should be further strengthen and be more binding.” Amen!
  • Two residents expressed their concerns about the reintroduction of the anerobic digester idea that was floated in 2015. One read from an LNP – Always Lancaster article from 2015 (Click here to read that article and a Columbia news, views & reviews post from July 6, 2015.) and questioned the viability of the project. Another asked whether the councillors had visited any other municipality operating a digester.



  1. It was obvious that Mr. Miller did not like being quoted by resident Ron Fritz on what he said in 2015 regarding the wastewater topic. I went back and read the article that Fritz quoted from. It appeared in LNP, written by Tim Mekeel. Miller instead chose to blame journalists for twisting things around.

    At the time it seems the decision rested in the hands of the Municipal Authority. Now conveniently, according to a councilman, the Municipal Authority is “no longer needed.”

    The taxpaying residents should be questioning every single dollar they are investing in this community. Why would anyone completely trust a group of six or sometimes seven people to make all wise decisions? They plow through and push anyone out of their way that doesn’t agree with the way they want things done. Columbia is tax strapped because the residents have allowed wasteful spending to go on for years. It’s probably too late to change it now.

  2. If the Councilor in question would learn what the Columbia Municipal Authority can do for the Borough of Columbia, he would have retracted his statement. The meaning of having the authority:
    A Municipal Authority is a form of special-purpose governmental unit in Pennsylvania. The municipal authority is an alternate vehicle for accomplishing public purposes without the direct action of counties, municipalities and school districts.

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